Calming Techniques For SATS Week

This week is SATS week for all Year 6 Students so I thought it would be supportive to provide calming techniques for SATS week to support your little ones manage the days ahead.

The main aim during the week is to encourage and provide a calm energy whatever your child throws at you.  The calm energy you emit will be absorbed by your child and assist their system in resetting.

Faces 2Remember:  FACES

Fun  – after school focus on fun, allow your young one to play in the park, climb a tree, play tennis, sing, dance whatever is their thing. This allows the mind to reset and file the activities of the day without having to verbalise the activities of the day. They will talk when they are ready.

Affection – hugs without expectation are very powerful. Whatever happened in school your young one will find the safety and security of your affection re-centering, even if they think they are too old already!

Calm – your calmness rubs off.  If your young one has struggled during the day and needs to verbally or physically let this out, your emotional calmness will support the reset quicker.  Boundaries of behaviour are always key for yours and your childs’ safety, the deep breath programme will support all around you.  Try this exercise:

Find a quiet corner (anywhere, corner of the playground, park). Ask your child to look at you: both breath in completely bursting to the count of three through the nose…..hold for a count of three…breath out completely for the count of three.  Repeat 5 times, on the last one breath out the the move quick and fast.

Energy – energy comes from good nutrition. Help your child have great brain power through the week with well planned meals, including packed lunch, omit high sugar, too many carbohydrates and if possible include omega3 and 6 during meals that can be found in fish and seeds.

Sleep – ensure your child is sleeping well throughout the week with a clear calling bedtime routine, a warm sleep helping drink such as decaf tea, peppermint tea, warm milk, time with your full attention reading or telling a story, listening to them release their day if they choose. Remove blue-light (screens, TV etc) distraction if possible.

Before School:

Wake with time to have a solid breakfast, walk to school if possible, especially whilst the weather is so sunny, the movement wakes up the system and integrates the brain allowing calmness and rational to kick in for self-regulation.  Provide unconditional support on leaving your child in the morning.

Remember your child is AMAZING, look what they have achieved so far in their lives whatever challenges they have faced, they are still pushing forward, learning every moment, let them know how amazing that makes them.