Learning Development Support

Learning Development & Learning Difficulties

Individuals grow and develop at different rates, both physically and mentally.

We notice the physical as this is visual, however, the developments going on inside are also unique. Challenges arise when these do not match the social, cultural environment that we grow up in.

On occasion our special individual systems need assistance with certain areas of development.

Noticing our child is finding life challenging and is finding learning difficult is heart-wrenching and knowing where to look for support can be challenging.

Learning development and learning difficulties interventions may be provided in a variety of ways. All programmes created at The Therapy Place are individual and may include movement and reflex programmes created specifically for a child’s requirements.

Do you or someone you know struggle in one or more of these areas?

  • Academic Struggles
  • Anxious
  • Clumsy
  • Fidgety ‘Ants in Pants’
  • Frustration / Anger
  • Inability to concentrate for any length of time
  • Reading, Writing and/or Maths
  • Difficulties in areas of communication
  • Difficulties in social settings
  • Poor Extended Focus
  • Poorly developed Coordinationes
  • Tendency to fixate on one thing for extended periods of time
  • Tendency to appear not to listen even though looking at you
  • Toilet concerns (above age 5 years)
  • Sudden anger bursts for no apparant reason
  • Verbally poor
  • Verbally strong reading/writing poor

These individuals may benefit from individualised neurodevelopment and/or movement programmes to assist the system develop and settle to allow life to move forward with less internal effort.