Child Therapy

The London Child Therapy Centre that boosts kids confidence and self-esteem through emotional, social, communication support

Children in today’s society are under varying pressures and developmental milestones that can sometimes cause turmoil, stopping them in their tracks.  As parents we can find understanding how to support these events confusing and upsetting, even lonely. As individuals, the younger generation sometimes struggles to articulate their struggles and the centers’ varying approaches are created to encourage personal discovery to assist with moving forward in life.

Individuals grow and develop at different rates, both physically and mentally.

We notice the physical as this is visual, however, the developments going on inside are also unique. Challenges arise when these do not develop as expected.

On occasion our special individual systems need assistance with certain areas of development. These interventions may come in various ways:

  • Neurodevelopmental Support
  • Learning Challenges
  • Behavioural Challenges
  • Social, Emotional, Communication Support

Sometimes one or more of these areas are worked with during support services and sometimes only one area is required.