Prior to the commencement of treatment, guardians will be asked to hold an initial telephone appointment providing an opportunity to discuss your concerns about your child and ascertain guidelines for assessment.

On appointment booking guardians will be asked to complete a structured questionnaire to be returned prior to appointment.

Guardians and minors will be requested to be present for the consultation assessment.

The consultation lasts for approximately 90 minutes. It is an opportunity for you and your child to meet me, discuss your concerns and decide if you would like to continue working with me. The consultation will provide me an opportunity to assess your child, enquire about family history and current activities that help establish a solid foundation to work from. The programme of sessions will be discussed during this consultation. The assessment will be followed up with a full written report.

When working with children who are struggling with behavioural excesses, it is very important and helpful to get an understanding of where these occur and how they are maintained. Moreover, there are often different behaviours occurring in the home and the school. It may be necessary to recommend both a home and a school observation in certain cases to ascertain any differences and to understand how the behaviours function in a child’s life.