What Parents Say

The Therapy Place What Parents Say2

Clients ask what we do and how our approaches work. Please find below some messages from parents who have been through the support process.

Finding all round support for a child with problems is very hard as we found out. I would highly recommend Jacqueline to any other parents, who like us, were at the end of their tether trying to find support for their child. We can’t thank Jacqueline enough for the help and support she gave to our son. She has supported him for nearly a year through a very difficult period. He was dealing with a lot of issues including bereavement and medical problems. Jacqueline took a fun and creative approach to each issue which really helped him. He said he loved going to see her as she helped and it was fun. She also has some fantastic approaches to dealing with long term problems such as helpful CD’s which can be used at home in conjunction with the support she provides at each session. Jacqueline has also taught ‘D’ a lot of life skills which I know he can use to help him in the future.

Jacqueline has been supporting my daughter for a while now and is amazing. She has been the only person who has been able to get her to verbalise her feelings and to be able to help me help her

Jacqueline has been brilliant at helping to support our child (and us parents!) through some tricky (and changing) behavioural issues we’ve had. Many of her approaches are fun and engaging and she explains the theory behind the practical really well so that you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Her follow-up help has also been fantastic with suggestions for longer-term projects to continue the support and practice for during school holidays.
I would totally recommend Jacqueline to anyone considering support in this way (and have done so already).

I hired Jacqueline Dennaford in 2014 to assist my eldest son, who was struggling with anxiety, worry and enuresis.

Following a thorough assessment Jacqueline set out a programme of support to include developmental reflex exercises and Emotional, Social and Communication Development sessions to support my son in change.

My son had his 10 week review in late January. Prior to his review Jacqueline sent us a detailed questionnaire about changes that we had noticed since his sessions had started. It was startingly to myself and my husband as we began to think about areas in which we had noticed changes, and the speed in which these changes had occurred.  Within the 10 week period my son diligently worked on the primitive reflex exercises that Jacquline had outlined for him as well as worked with Jacqueline in weekly sessions.  By the time he had his 10 week review he had become more comfortable within his own skin and appeared more relaxed in his behavior around the home.  Prior to the sessions  he always seemed anxious, and he admitted that he hated being alone in any rooms in the house, he also found enclosed spaces like cars or lifts distressing and would become very anxious with physical symptoms if he had to travel in a lift.  Recently when we travelled in a lift together he appeared very relaxed, when I asked him about going in the lift later on that day he said that he had used some of the visualization techniques that Jacqueline had taught him.  My son previously found it difficult to initiate play in the playground at school.  This was upsetting for him as he always felt that he was on the fringes at playtime and struggled to join in.  There has been an improvement with this and he is a lot happier at playtime.  His sense of humour has really developed too and he now really enjoys having a giggle and a laugh, where previously he was unable to understand when and where it was okay to relax and have fun and therefore approached every situation with anxiety and seriousness.

I can highly recommend Jacqueline for individual intervention therapeutic support. My son has made many positive life long changes with Jacqueline’s support. She has a calm and nurturing manner and a welcoming space in which she works. My son always looked forward to visiting Jacqueline for his sessions and felt very comfortable in her company.